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I purchased my first Golden Retriever "Samantha" in 1998.  I co-owned "Sam" with the Breeder as a "Show Puppy" and thus began my journey into a new world. Sam took me places I had never been and gave me new lifelong Golden friends.  I developed a passion for Golden Retrievers and even though I lost Sam at an early age, I gained a profound understanding of the love and compassion this breed has to offer. I immediately purchased "Emma", who was my dearest and most loyal friend.  Emma helped me recover from the loss of Samantha and was by my side for 11 years, my heart dog.
My dogs are my companions and share my home in urban Dallas, Texas.  A great deal of thought and planning goes into the decision to breed one of my girls.  Show dogs are my passion and producing beautiful, healthy, show quality puppies is ultimately my goal.  But there is often a fine line between a puppy chosen for the show ring and a puppy chosen to be a family pet.  Therefore, each puppy is raised as if he or she is going to be a future “Super Star.”  Each litter is born in the bedroom and the babies are carefully handled and socialized.  I am very selective about the families that adopt my puppies because I want each and every puppy I produce to have the best home possible.  I am a member in good standing of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club and a member in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America

Explore my website to find out more about Keeper, Tux and Andy, the "Furr Kids" of "Regatta".


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