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Sire: Ch Camlin's Saltwater Rig
Dam: Regatta's Racing Genoa
Whelped: January 10, 2007


Heart: OFA GR-CA14326/14M/C-NOPI
 Eyes: CERF GR-41030/200814
Hips: GR-97379G24M-VPI
 Elbows: GR-EL19347M24-VPI
Hudson at 18 months - July 2008

WD 4 PT Major - Austin GRC
June '08
Best in Sweepstakes
March '08
Best in Sweepstakes
Greater Houston GRC
March '08


Best in Sweepstakes &
1st Place 9-12 PD
GRCA Central Regional
November '07
Best in Sweepstakes &
1st Place 9-12 PD 
Central Oklahoma GRC
November '07
1st Place - 6-9 PD -
GRCA National Specialty - Sept '07 

1st Place - 6-9 PD/Major RWD/
Best Puppy
Vicksburg KC - Sept '07
1st Place - 6-9 PD/WD/BOW
2 Pts. - Vicksburg KC - Sept '07
Best in Sweepstakes & 
2nd Place 6-9 PD 
Greater Houston GRC
July '07
Best in Specialty Sweeps – Houston Golden Retriever Specialty July 19, 2007 (first time in the ring from the 6-9 class) Judge:  Dr Bob G Smith
Reserve Winners Dog (to a Major) and Best Puppy – Vicksburg KC  September 2, 2007 (6-9 class) Judge: Mr. Guy Jeavon
Winners Dog (2 pts.) – Vicksburg KC September 3, 2007 (6-9 class)
Judge: Dr. Steve Keating
1st place – Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty September 26, 2007 (6-9 class) Judge:  Debbie Campbell
Best in Specialty Sweeps - Central Oklahoma GRC Specialty November 16, 2007 (9-12 class) Judge: Barbara Brown
Best in Specialty Sweeps- Golden Retriever Club of America Central Regional Specialty, November 17, 2007 (9-12 class) Judge:  Dave Kinghorn
Best in Specialty Sweeps- Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club Specialty, March 14, 2008 (12-15 class) Judge:  Theresa Stremlau
Best in Specialty Sweeps-Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club Specialty, March 21, 2008 (12-15 class) Judge: Debra Keen
Winners Dog (4 pt. Major) - Austin Golden Retriever Club Specialty June 1, 2008 (Open class) Judge: Carolyn McKenna


About Hudson:


Hudson is a moderate size dog measuring 23 ¼ inches at the shoulder and weighing around 78 lbs. 


He is a beautiful medium/dark color with light feathering and jet black pigment.  He carries a double coat most of the time (remember we live in Texas).  His top coat carries a high shine; is straight, flat, and water resistant.  He is still young but shows the promise of carrying a good show coat year round. 


Hudson has tremendous natural muscling and is very athletic. He is exceptionally clean coming and going with a strong rear, moderate stifle angulation, and a good tail set and carriage.  He has a strong, well arched neck that blends into a balanced front assembly with a prominent posternum, good upper arm lay-back, and elbows that fit snugly and well under his withers.  He has good bone with nice feet and well arched toes. 


Hudson’s head is a strong point with good planes and a beautiful full muzzle and lip.  He has a clean bite with no dropped incisors, crooked, or missing teeth.  His ears are medium thick, carried close to his head, and flat. 


Hudson has a really, really nice temperament.  For the most part he is a turn-key show dog.   If you ask him to show…he will always turn on.  But, he is easy to live with and totally a house dog and companion.

Hudson is lucky enough to have an entourage that provides continuous support:


Sally Cavness: Resident Mom                                                       

Donna Gulledge: Regatta Golden Retrievers - Breeder

Nancy Crowley: Camlin Golden Retrievers – Owner of Sire
Nancy Legler:  God-mother supreme – Hudson’s daycare and friend
Hudson is currently doing agility training with his resident Mom Sally - watch for him running and jumping in an agility ring soon.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch Camlin's Saltwater Rig



 BIS BISS Am Ch Legacy's Standing Ovation SDHF Am/Can OS

BIS BISS Am Ch Goodtime's Best Case Scenario DC JH WC VCX OS SHDF
Am/Can Ch Windance Legacy's Pipe Dream OD
Am Ch Planatanoro Stars on the Water BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF; Can CD WC
Salyran MWM Betty Davis Eyes


 Regatta's Racing Genoa

Am-Can Ch VanReel's Rainbow Over Osprey OS, Can WC Am/Can Ch Chuckanut's Brasstime TD JH NA NAJ WC VCX OS SDHF; Can TD JH WC OS
VanReels Foolish Pleasure
Ch Goldance I Do C U BISS Ch Goldstorm Moving Force BISS OS
Ch Shamrock Goldance Justa Pris



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